A chill hip-hop beat, titled Looking Forward, by me xPanda.

While searching up for a sample, I came across a great sample in which I was able to change the pitch of one of the instruments. After some experimentation with my MPD, I’ve made a melody that sounded fairly simple, but catchy. After I was done making this beat, I personally couldn’t stop listening to it. I hope you guys will enjoy this beat too!

Thanks, and more beats coming from me soon.

Recent beat, titled Otherworldly Atmosphere, made by me xPanda.

Just got back to making beats after a while. More beats coming from me soon. Follow me on my Soundcloud and subscribe to my Youtube channel!

A little semi-experimental hip-hop, titled Sketchy Jazz Bar, by me.


Pleasant Mood by xPanda.

Before I made this track, I was trying to figure out what I could do to make a catchy beat. I started to experiment with jazz piano samples with my MPD18 and I came up with the piano melodies in the background. As I was making this, I was personally enjoying the vibe of it and even danced to it haha. The filters that I added throughout the track kind of reminded me of some dance songs in the 90s. These two feelings made me come up with the title, Pleasant Mood. 

I hope you’ll all like it!

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xPanda - Blue Relaxation

A relaxing and semi-glitchy beat that I came up with. Hope you like it!


My 2nd album, titled Xpressive Piano, is now released on my Bandcamp! Consists of 6 piano hip-hop tracks, with influences of Nujabes and old-school hip hop music.

For this album, I was gonna have more than 10, but to be honest, I started to get weary of making beats of the same theme for an album. So I decided to stick with just 6 tracks.


From now on, I’m going to head right to a new direction when it comes to making more beats, which is being experimental. I love the idea of being more abstract, and I believe this concept will allow me to come up with a variety of styles on how I go about making a beat. Instead of trying to stick with a style, I want to experimentally utilize my beat-making creativity so I can come up with various styles and I can have more freedom to explore different possibilities. I believe my beat-making journey from this point on will be extraordinary. =) My future tracks will still be hip-hop, but I’d like to dive into the genre of electronica and house music. I might even blend these genres together and see what I come up with.

I hope you guys will check out more of my future beats on my Tumblr, Youtube or Soundcloud page! =)

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Remade my 1st album cover just because I ended up not liking the previous one lol.

Remade my 1st album cover just because I ended up not liking the previous one lol.

Experimenting More

Lately, I’ve been doing a bit more experimenting on my latest beats after being inspired by some abstract hip hop producers like Flying Lotus and Teebs. So I’m not focusing on my 2nd album at the moment because I love how I’m “going with the flow” as I’m producing more new beats every day (the theme for my 2nd album has an old-school/Nujabes feel to it) I have nearly made 5 tracks for the past 2 days, each having some dynamics on filters, effects, and drum kits compared to my earlier tracks. By just being more of myself while making beats rather than focusing on trying to make my tracks sound similar to each other, I feel way more open-minded and this feeling will allow me to gradually find my own style. It’s really a good feeling when you are being yourself as you are creating music. That is what I am currently doing, and it really is great. =) The 5 tracks will be on my future album, most likely my 3rd one, and I seem to be working much ahead haha.

So to sum this up: I’m experimenting and actively producing!

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Hey guys! It’s been a while since I made a beat. This 4th track is titled Another Casual Day, and the full version will be on my 2nd album, which is still in its working title phase. I am planning to have my 2nd album contain 10 tracks or more, all which will be chill beats with influences from Nujabes. It will be available sometime this month, if not, early August. Hope you guys will enjoy this track, and as always, more tracks from me coming soon. =)

Also, please check out some of my other tracks that I have uploaded on my Youtube channel!

Another piano beat that I made a few days ago. Sampled and chopped up with my MPD. Enjoy! =D